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Meaningful Results
& Customer Evangelism

Training Management Systems

Customized integration of management systems
to effectively support your organizational strategies.

✓  Implementation
✓  Integration
✓  Auditing & Leading Audit Teams

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Innovation and Break-Through Results

Through certification through SolutionPeople, the following facilitated workshops are offered:

✓  Innovation Training Experience
✓  Accelerated Innovation & Creativity™
✓  Questionate-to-Innovate™
✓  Leading Innovation™
✓  Facilitating Innovation™

Do you feel stuck in your role as a management representative, quality manager, safety manager, EHS manager, coordinator, laboratory manager, laboratory quality assurance officer, or whatever your organization has dubbed you?

No more! We refer to our point person in an organization as an ISO Champion! This isn't just a clever phrase to use when introducing yourself... it's the truth. Often, this job is under-paid, over-worked, and under-appreciated. The CEOs and CFOs often don't see the money you're saving them; and the rest of your colleagues likely see you as a thorn in their side if you're asking for changes to be made. People don't tend to like change. So you go about wishing people would listen to your recommendations and appreciate the blood, sweat and tears you put into keeping their ISO management system flowing. But you get nada. Which is why I offer one-on-one training with ISO Champions to help them get the best results!

Is my business too small for an ISO quality management system? (Nope!)

Nope! Your business isn't too small for a quality management system! Let's take a look at #ISO9001 in particular. It's recognized worldwide for the requirements and regulatory measures that an organization's quality management system will need to follow when developing their own system.

And small businesses can benefit greatly from a strong QMS like ISO9001.
It tells everyone, including customers, that your business is trustworthy and can supply a reliable product or service.

It helps to draw in new customers and increases business opportunities; new customers can see the certification building initial trust and rapport. If followed correctly, your business will provide a higher level of customer satisfaction while improving overall efficiency-- whether you have 1 employee, or 10,000.

High Performance Teams

Through certification by the Creative Problem Solving Group, Inc., the VIEW Assessment is offered to provide a scientific basis for team formation that enables high performance to become routine.  It provides a powerful tool to enable your staff to leverage their strengths and problem solving styles to provide amazing results.

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