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  • Customized integration of management systems to effectively support your organizational strategies.

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Do You Struggle?

Do you feel stuck in your role as a management representative, quality manager, safety manager, EHS manager, coordinator, laboratory manager, laboratory quality assurance officer, or whatever your organization has dubbed you?
Do you wonder if your business too small for an ISO quality management system?
Does your organization need some fresh thinking? Do you have great talent that is stuck in a rut? Are your teams not working well?

Innovation Training & Consulting is Here For You.

Innovation Training and Consulting (ITCI) is a woman-owned small business offering personal training and consulting for individuals and organizations committed to invigorating their management systems to proactively manage risks and achieve sustainable performance. We build confidence to evaluate company systems, engage leadership, and design creative solutions. Our collaborative and personal style guides decisive action with a bit of humor.

More About Diana

Business Consulting

Customized integration of management systems to effectively support your organizational strategies is our specialty.  

On-Site Training

Let us tailor or fully customize our training to your organization’s specific requirements and culture.

Online Training - Coming Soon!

Auditing Services

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 17025, and Chemical Industry Standard Responsible Care®


Direct access with highly experienced staff and interactions to build your confidence and leadership skills to enable you to lead improvement efforts.

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Our Process

ITCI sets itself apart from other consultants by diving deeply into organizational culture and vision to design simple, customized processes that engage workers and reliably meet requirements.


How good do you want your systems to be? We work with you to define clear expectations. Whether your goal is to have a basic system or be world class, the rest of the work with us will align with these expectations.


Are we as good as we think we are? Inquiring minds want to know. We conduct a structured risk-based gap assessment or other audit for you and provide candid feedback. Our reports summarize information in charts and graphs to visualize the strengths and blind spots identified.


Our reports include an executive summary that puts the results into business terms to inspire and engage leadership. Our passion for your success brings out the best in your staff.  We collaborate and generate creative solutions to challenging problems.  The culture of improvement become contagious.


We return to the initial commitment to compare the feedback from the assessment(s) and determine actionable steps. We work diligently to align priorities in the action plan to your strategic plan, vision, values and goals. Seeing the metrics and performance results starts the cycle again.  Do we want to stagnate or dream of what else is achievable now that we have tasted success?

Our Promise

Our Promise to You: We nurture our clients as if they are our best friends. We have candid conversations to assess your situation and unique needs to define a scope of work that fits your goals, schedule, and budget. We mentor and coach our clients to transfer knowledge and generate independence and confidence. We celebrate your successes!

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