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Learn to innovate and leverage your ISO management systems for business excellence.

We offer training and mentoring to enhance audit skills, knowledge of ISO requirements, and effective reporting to eliminate chronic problems and drive meaningful business improvements.

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We get it – navigating ISO standards feels like running a marathon in a straitjacket.

Audit program managers struggle to resource and develop risk-based auditors and engage leadership, yet internal auditing is a mandatory requirement for achieving and maintaining your ISO certification.

Your ineffective auditors waste precious resources, disrupt operations, create chaos, and undermine overall credibility.

How much are weak audit reports costing you? They hide broken processes which continue to waste resources and lose money. Your coworkers feel the frustrations of poor processes, yet the reports fail to raise issues constructively so they can be fixed.

It is just wrong! Your company invested substantial resources to build and implement the management systems but got limited value back from the investment. Auditors that fail to give meaningful feedback destroy credibility of the whole ISO registration process. It doesn’t have to be this way!

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✓  Manage Risk

✓  Improve Morale

✓ Gain Trust

Imagine a different world with awesome auditors!

We help audit program managers develop risk-based auditors and engage leadership through ISO QEHS training and mentoring.

Our auditor training and mentoring services embed a solid understanding of ISO requirements that is tailored to your business needs. We polish essential skills for effective risk-based audit planning, completion, and writing engaging reports.

You will have a team of respected, skilled internal auditors who produce insightful reports that ignite leadership and inspire meaningful improvements.

When you implement thoughtful, risk-based internal audit programs, you become an essential guide that advances the organization toward excellence, each auditor thrives, and the ISO management system is duly respected.

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“Diana’s integrity, technical understanding of complex environmental standards, and her abilities to teach senior leaders to the front-line makes her a wonderful resource and ally.”

Iqbal Mian, US Gain

“Diana is an energetic and supportive team player. She is always looking for a solution to any problem that will provide the maximum benefit to the customer. She was a great asset to any project she was involved in.”

Carmine Liuzzi, Vice President,
Training and Improvement Solutions, SAI Global

We Design The Plan to Meet Your Needs From Our Range of Services

Auditing services

ISO Auditing Services

Our assessments evaluate the strengths, potential blind spots, and opportunities to streamline or further integrate your management systems for more business benefit.

Auditing Info

ISO Training

Customized training for the individual ISO standards or combined to encourage integration of your systems. Innovation training to enhance team performance. 

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Business Consulting

ISO Consulting

We help you implement ISO management systems, re-energize stale systems, and integrate your ISO systems into business systems to meet your organizational strategies.

Consulting Info
Business Consulting


You get direct access with highly experienced and friendly staff. Our interactions build your confidence and leadership skills to enable you to lead improvement efforts.

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Build high performance teams. Generate creative ideas. Solve chronic problems. Take a fresh look at your ISO systems and make meaningful improvements.

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Why work with us?

We genuinely care about YOUR success. We are passionate about contributing to making the world a better place. We enjoy working with like-minded individuals who care and organizations that want improve their operations.

We will collaborate to focus on priority risks and raise awareness of problem blindness. Our joint efforts  will illuminate the causes of problems through analysis and systems thinking and inspire leadership to take action.

When you implement thoughtful, risk-based internal audit programs, you become an essential guide that advances the organization toward excellence, each auditor thrives, and the ISO management system is duly respected.

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