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Celebrating at PA Conference for Women

enrichment resources Dec 08, 2019

WOW! 12,000 inspiring women and a few dozen brave men celebrated women business leaders, entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, and provided multiple frameworks for mutual support. By supporting each other, we all win. Outstanding key note speakers and a variety of meaningful sessions kept everyone inspired all day. It was a real joy to be an exhibitor in the career area of the marketplace. 

After 12 years of business in the Chicago area, this conference was our inaugural event in Pennsylvania to meet local business owners and individuals interested in making improvements in their organizations. We listened and shared stories about ISO management systems and auditing. It was interesting to hear experiences of the challenges of being the auditor, as well as good and bad stories of being interviewed by auditors. Improving internal auditing programs is our passion. When done well, audits provide great insights into risk management, strengthening good systems, and improving effectiveness.

For many people, just hearing "ISO" makes them shiver in either fear or disappointment. These feelings come from perceptions of ISO systems as non-value added procedures and extra bureaucracy. They do not gain efficiencies in operations and have to "clean up" prior to audits. Their ISO systems are not helping streamline work.

We prefer to seek the treasure from having customized and reliable processes that support your strategic plans and deliver inspiring results!

Whether you are just starting out to learn about ISO requirements or you have already achieved 3rd party recognition, we can be your life preserver to make improvements in your management systems. We focus on risk management, achieving opportunities and adding business value while keeping a sense of humor.

The chart below shows common problems and how we can help you in a variety of ways. At the start of any project, we listen to what you want to achieve and where your pain points are. We work collaboratively to reconfirm the commitment level of your leadership (e.g., basic systems, market leader, or somewhere in between), assess what your organization has and how well it works, then define an improvement strategy. We love transferring knowledge to your staff and being a mentor to enhance your confidence to lead and become a valuable internal resource.

For ye business-forward buccaneers, let’s travel together to discover your very own treasures.

Contact us to schedule a discovery call and explore how we can help you achieve the results you seek.

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