Revitalize Your Audit Program Part 1

The American Society for Quality Audit Division Conference was held in Orlando October 17-18th, 2019. Professionals from across North America gathered to share and learn best practices in management systems auditing. Our two-part presentation was "Revitalizing Your Audit Program Using Engaging Audit Reporting Practices".

This is the first in a series of blog posts that will cover the content of our conference presentation sessions.

Many audit closing meetings and management reviews are boring. ISO-speak has limited understanding across the workforce. It is no wonder management seems disengaged!

Our presentation showed examples of visual and written summary options for reporting audit results that tell a story and engage leadership. Imagine how powerful the act of looking across quality, environmental and health and safety management systems could be if the views were balanced! Our session also touched on the management of the audit program to ensure auditors acquire...

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