Problem Blindness, Salmon, and Chicago Public Schools

enrichment resources Oct 22, 2020

What does salmon running have to do with ISO? How can this enhance high school graduation rates?

Throughout my career of training, consulting, and auditing organizations and processes, it was common to see weak corrective action systems. There was acceptance that the problem was a part of life (problem blindness) and disbelief that the problems could truly be fixed. Band-aid solutions abounded.

Our society rewards reactive responses to problems. Have you ever witnessed recognition, and perhaps awards, going to people or teams who have “saved the day” by stopping a problem from becoming a disaster? Organizations often throw resources at a problem and avoid putting in the effort to prevent the problems in the first place. This approach does not fix the systemic issues that are pervasive causes of the problem. Just like salmon, to solve a problem, we must go upstream.

The new book Upstream: The Quest to Solve Problems Before They Happen demonstrates the opposite of problem...

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ISO Standards Related to COVID-19 Are Available Free Temporarily

auditing resources Apr 14, 2020

Have you noticed many people and organizations are becoming superheroes to help out during this pandemic? In this unprecedented time, we can all use a little help. We want to make sure you know that ISO, the publishers of thousands of standards, is doing their part too. 

ISO standards can typically cost hundreds of dollars, but in response to the COVID-19 crisis, the International Association for Standardization (ISO) has released 28 standards free to support global efforts in dealing with the crisis. 

These standards are temporarily available in a read-only format, without a fee, from the ISO website through the links below.

Many on the list pertain to the medical devices most related to the pandemic, such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and ventilators. However, there are several standards that have universal appeal for risk management.  

Here are the five you may have an interest in downloading while there is no fee. The video above...

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