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We get it...

COVID-19 has thrown us all for a loop. You are not alone.

It has impacted your ability to conduct in-person audits and yet, you still need to maintain your internal audit schedule. You need to confirm things are still working... or you need to confirm that those COVID-related changes you made to your processes are working.

On the other hand, you might have already experienced remote audits and were left disappointed because the results were weak and not thorough enough.

For many situations over the past several months, there has been forgiveness and delays have been accepted, but they won't last forever.

Take the first step toward worthwhile remote audits today.

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What People Are Saying

"I have recommended this to everyone I work with. Thank you for sharing it."

"I hadn't thought of all the considerations needed for remote audits not done on work premises, especially confidentiality."

This course applies to...

  • Doing internal audits, supplier audits, registrar audits, regulatory compliance audits, etc.
  • Auditing any management systems standard (e.g., ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, plus others).

Our free course will...

  • Remove your fear of remote auditing.
  • Help you gain confidence to manage remote audits.
  • Help you recognize key factors that separate worthless remote audits from worthwhile ones.

Who needs this course...

  • Audit program managers who need to organize remote audits and train their internal auditors on the differences from in-person audits.
  • Auditors who need to conduct remote audits and want to be effective.
  • Leadership of organizations who need to understand the unique resources and training that are required (from both auditee and auditor perspectives).
  • Auditees who want to be prepared to interact with remote auditors effectively.

Special Note

This free course is an overview of remote auditing. If you are ready to dive deep into the details of planning specific remote audits, enroll in our new course, "Strategies for Remote Audit Success." It includes 9 checklists to manage risks for successful remote audits.

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We are professional trainers, implementation coaches, and auditors for 500+ companies and 1000+ participants. We have served as auditors for internal, supply chain, and 3rd party registrars.

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Expert in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 17025
Experienced in integration / integrated auditing

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President of Gorveatte Consulting, Inc.

Specialist in ISO 9001:2015
Quality Management and Quality Customer Service

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Take the first step toward removing your fear of remote auditing and gain the confidence you need to manage remote audits. We'll help you identify key factors that separate worthless remote audits from worthwhile ones.

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