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This download will be helpful for:

Audit Program Managers

We know audit program managers struggle to resource and develop risk-based auditors and engage leadership, yet internal auditing is a mandatory requirement for achieving and maintaining your ISO certification.

Your ineffective auditors waste precious resources, disrupt operations, create chaos and undermine overall credibility.

The guide “Should You Be an Internal Auditor?” helps audit program managers identify:

  • Persons suitable to train as management system auditors and
  • Characteristics to mentor or further develop with existing auditors to enhance their effectiveness.

The guide also helps internal auditors better understand expectations of their behaviors while auditing. With this awareness, they are able to better understand what triggers conflict or other upsets to the interview process.

We invite you to download this guide and include it as a resource in your audit program. Use it to give feedback to your internal auditor candidates.


🙟 Are you an experienced internal auditor who longs to be more effective?

🙟 Have you been asked recently to be an ISO internal auditor and are unsure whether you have what it takes?

🙟 Were you “voluntold” that auditing is a new duty in your job description and are scrambling to understand what is involved?

🙟 Are you thinking of volunteering for the role to contribute your talents?

The guide helps you better understand expectations of personal behaviors while auditing.

Download our guide and checklist and do a self-assessment. This is the beginning of being open to feedback. Ask others for their perception of you. See if their feedback aligns with your self-assessment.

Use this baseline assessment to leverage your strengths, seek mentoring or coaching to enhance your skills, or team up with auditors who have complimentary attributes.


This guide is the first of a series reviewing the soft skills, generic skills, and knowledge that ISO management systems auditors need to be effective.