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Auditing Services

"You can't fix something you don't know about."

✓ ISO 9001

✓ ISO 14001

✓ ISO 45001

✓ ISO 17025

✓ Integrated Audits

I help internal auditors enhance their skills and effectiveness through systems thinking and cross-functional synergies among quality, environmental, health and safety and laboratory management systems.

Diana Baldi

Let us help you identify strengths and potential blind spots to prioritize next steps and meet your goals.

Our assessments evaluate the strengths, potential blind spots, and opportunities to streamline or further integrate your management systems for more business benefit.

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Gap Assessment

A gap assessment gives you a roadmap to fully conform to one or more ISO standards.

A gap report is a great way to help you decide how to integrate your business systems too.

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Internal Audit

Short on internal auditors? Let us be temporary help to complete planned audits on time.

Remote or in person audits. Get an audit of your audit program too.

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Lead Your Auditors

We join or lead your audit teams to provide coaching to enhance your audit program.

Refresh the skills of your auditors and get audits done with formal feedback for your auditors.

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Readiness Review

Avoid surprises during a 3rd party audit.  Get a health check to verify your systems are ready.

 Staff get a dry run to build their confidence by knowing what to expect.

We polish essential skills for effective risk-based audit planning, completion, and writing engaging reports.

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Our audit reports provide candid feedback with supporting visuals to engage leadership and the workforce.

What People Are Saying

“I know we are overall a better company for going through this process and having you do such a detailed audit. So, thank you again for the thorough job.”

— Garth Hoffmann, President, FREMONTA Corp.

“Diana and I have worked together to implement audit tools for EHS inspections in the workplace. She is a dynamic and highly competent auditor who understands the need to use technology to improve audit efficiency and thoroughness. I look forward to working with her on other projects!”

Jonathan Brun, Nimonik

“...Diana is able to understand the environmental and sustainability ambitions of an organization, identify the gaps, and coach towards an ideal future state. This was the exact process flow of our first encounter...when the organization decided to pursue and establish a high functioning environmental management system (ISO 14001) and seek third party certification.”

— Iqbal Mian, US Gain

"...I was impressed with Diana’s ability to use her deep and broad experience to provide an environment of guided discovery to achieve the excellent results all while generating an incredibly positive environment. Diana genuinely cares about people and the projects that she works on and would be a true asset for any positions requiring management systems development, implementation or training and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.”

— Kevin Kerik, Methanex

“Diana’s thorough auditing produced an easy stop-light report and when a team of internal experts needed to be built, she assumed the role of the educator to nurses, laboratory technicians, environmental services, facilities, and a slew of the other hospital staff. She effortlessly intertwines the skillset of having a careful eye and empowerment. Thanks to her critical assistance, we not only achieved national recognition of a hospital system striving for sustainability, but we built a culture around environmental stewardship that had detailed measurable results. I highly value her input and proud of a decade long history.”

— Iqbal Mian, US Gain