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High-performance teams are built by leveraging problem solving styles and the strengths of each person.

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What do ISO and innovation have in common? ISO wants reliability and stability, and innovation brings out fresh new ideas. This seems contradictory!

Innovative thinking is essential to breathe new life into:

  • A corrective action program that allows problems to return
  • Stale procedures drafted from templates that don’t fit your organization’s culture
  • Wasteful processes that are accepted practices. (i.e., problem blindness)

It can be difficult to be creative and rethink traditional processes. One of the most difficult obstacles to overcome is the phrase: “That’s the way we’ve always done it.” Your challenges may need a touch of incremental change (make a better box) or breakthrough change (think outside the box).

We offer three primary levels of support for innovating and generating fresh approaches to your challenges.

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Ignite Level

Customized, engaging workshops

foundation level innovation workshop

Foundation Level

VIEW assessment and 2-hour workshop

high-performance team innovation workshop level

High-Performance Team Level

VIEW assessment and 4- to 8-hour workshop

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Ignite Level

Organizations need a boost and permission to think creatively. We facilitate workshops with a variety of brainstorming techniques followed by critical thinking to prioritize actions. This is divergent and convergent thinking. Great solutions often need multiple cycles to ideate and then converge. We customize the workshop design to fit your needs and build the creative problem-solving skills of your team.

Participants learn a variety of “thinking tools” and how to select them to match the problems at hand. This proficiency will enable them to break through traditional approaches and generate fresh ideas that add value to your organization.

We incorporate Miro, an infinite virtual whiteboard, to facilitate simultaneous collaboration and engaging interactions.

Watch this 1-minute intro to Miro.

foundation level innovation workshop

Foundation Level

You may know of personality assessments like the Enneagram, the DiSC Profile, and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) and the benefits of gaining the self-awareness these assessments provide.

A lesser-known, but highly powerful, assessment of problem-solving style, VIEW, provides insights specifically centered on how you and your team members prefer to solve problems.

If you have ever been frustrated on a team, you probably shy away from team assignments! What if you could avoid that feeling in the future?

The insights from the VIEW assessment enable you to:

  • match the strengths of your people to the type of challenge they LOVE to solve,
  • leverage the strengths of each team member, and
  • benefit from the contributions of ALL team members.

VIEW is a short (10-15 minute), easy-to-complete, online questionnaire developed specifically for helping individuals and teams efficiently and effectively solve problems, manage change, and promote innovation.

VIEW puts you in a position to build strategies for playing to people’s strengths and appreciating differences. These insights set the stage for innovation by understanding problem solving style and using it to create high performance teams.

Problem-solving styles are consistent individual differences in the ways people prefer to plan and approach challenges or opportunities to gain clarity, produce ideas, and prepare for action.

VIEW assesses three dimensions of problem-solving style. These dimensions have been shown to be important for individuals and teams when they need to:

  • deal with change,
  • think through new challenges and opportunities, and
  • make decisions that lead to action.

Your problem-solving style influences your behavior whether you are working alone, with a partner, or as part of a team.

Knowing the problem-solving styles of your team members enables you to take a proactive stance in establishing an environment in which team members can work to their full potential as individuals, and more effectively as a team.

The Foundation Level includes the VIEW assessment for each participant and a 2-hour workshop to explain the results. Each participant receives an individual and team report. Group results are presented with a discussion of insights to leverage the results for personal and organizational benefits.

For more details about the VIEW assessment, download this whitepaper. Pair this assessment with a workshop to form high-performance teams.

high-performance team innovation workshop level

High-Performance Team Level

To form high-performance teams, get ready to unleash the power of the Ignite workshop paired with the science of the VIEW assessment!

The High-Performance Team level provides the underpinning of the 40 years of research for the VIEW assessment with application of the insights gained to real life challenges of the organization.

We collaborate with you to identify which “thinking tools” are appropriate to generate a meaningful working session to apply the takeaways from the VIEW assessment to real life issues. Creative ideas and actionable plans are generated to give your team enthusiasm to tackle chronic problems.

In this working session, applying the concepts to real problems seals in the learning and builds resilient and productive team members. Frustration levels and hesitations to be on a team evaporate because each person can bring their best self and contribute effectively.

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A Case Study of High-Performance Team Level

A client was struggling internationally with:

  • adapting their services and products to reach younger customers,
  • reducing turnover from newly hired staff), and
  • enhancing their best practice sharing.

When they tried to share best practices across the company, it became a hot mess of what felt like criticism to anyone who offered to share a good practice. It was described by one person as being attacked by piranhas!

New hires seemed to be in a revolving door, not staying long and frustrating the teams who needed the resources even further.

The results of the VIEW assessment along with the workshop provided dramatic insights for the company. As we worked through the results and example challenges, you could hear the A-HA moments pop!

It became obvious that all the managers had a different problem-solving style. “Like hires like” unless other factors are intentionally included in the hiring process. This insight made the invisible barrier for internal promotions visible and created ideas for bridging this gap.

One team was proud of how well they “got along,” and I challenged them to think about the stated priority of keeping new hires longer. As they reflected on their last 4 hires, they made the connections of how their core team frustrated the new persons due to the differences in problem-solving styles. I can still remember the faces as they realized several easy changes they would make for future hires. Or possibly reaching out to them with a new approach.

So why were the best practice sharing sessions so controversial? Nearly every person present was an “incremental improver” (e.g., someone who makes a better box). This problem-solving style LOVES to make small changes. They cannot help themselves! This is a great attribute when deliverables are in DRAFT stage. However, when they comment on a best practice to make it even better, it feels like criticism. When the group realized this insight, their best practice sharing became a constructive game of leapfrog and building on ideas. This new attitude left the feeling of criticism in the dust!

All in all, this one-day session had dramatic positive impacts with the key North American staff. They were able to build on the insights and make meaningful changes within their organization.

What People Are Saying

“Diana is incredibly gifted as a trainer and facilitator. I’ve seen her in action as she facilitated a variety of audiences ranging from corporate executives to children in her incredible Destination Imagination workshops. I’ve hired her on many occasions, and she has approached her work with passion and creativity that is unmatched. I highly recommend her!”

— Gerald “Solutionman” Haman, Innovation Experience Expert, Thinkubator Innovation Studio, SolutionPeople

“Diana is a fierce customer advocate and is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to bring value to her customers. I found her to be an 'out of the box' thinker, constantly challenging conventional thinking and looking for the win-win in each situation in which she was engaged.”

— Carmine Liuzzi

“Diana is one of the most customer-focused and creative professionals I have had the pleasure of working with. When designing complex innovation workshops, her original thinking and ideas were absolutely fundamental to the workshop's success. Additionally, she is all about high quality execution, always going the extra mile to do what it takes to deliver tangible results for the client. Her uniquely blended skill set allows her to understand a variety of clients from technical to marketing and beyond.”

— Corinne Miller, Virtual Communication, Managing Virtual Workforce, Problem Solving Using Innovation