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ISO Consulting Services

We work with you to define a clear scope that fits your schedule and budget to meet your objectives.

✓ ISO 9001

✓ ISO 14001

✓ ISO 45001

✓ ISO/IEC 17025

✓ Responsible Care®

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We roll up our sleeves to support your success.

Our consulting services can:

  • Help you begin your ISO journey through achieving certification.
  • Enhance or revitalize a management system to get more value.
  • Integrate your ISO management systems into your business systems.

Level 1. We guide your team, building a reliable internal knowledge base. Our expert project management approach keeps the team on track and prevents costly rework.

  • We direct key actions to maintain essential sequencing to build effective systems.
  • We work alongside your team to provide experienced resources to complete work products.

Level 2. Your team leads the project and has periodic check-ins for feedback to stay on track. The project plan specifies the check-in points.

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What people are saying

“Diana has and is working with me as an ISO expert consultant. She has been using her vast ISO knowledge and experience to ensure my client is not only ISO compliant, but is optimizing ISO in daily and strategic operations.”

Margaret Dospiljulian, Partner Dospil & Assoc.

“Diana is a boots on the ground teacher, trainer, partner, and mentor. External insight is valuable when there are actionable items. Diana is able to understand the environmental and sustainability ambitions of an organization, identify the gaps, and coach towards an ideal future state. This was the exact process flow of our first encounter...when the organization decided to pursue and establish a high functioning environmental management system (ISO 14001) and seek third party certification.”

Iqbal Mian, US Gain

“I had the pleasure of working with Diana on many occasions, and also worked on projects where Diana had assisted with environmental aspects while I assisted in other areas. She has a very pleasant demeanor - but she will always tell it like it is - she's straight forward and honest. Her knowledge of environmental and quality systems is superb. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to any of my clients.”

Penny Riordan

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Diana since 2013, which we worked on some major corporate initiatives such as the developing a Global Integrated Management System which integrated ISO 9001, RC/ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 & ISO 45001, and Responsible Care standards, then developing the Global/Corporate Audit program and providing the annual training for the global auditors. Above all, I was impressed with Diana’s ability to use her deep and broad experience to provide an environment of guided discovery to achieve the excellent results all while generating an incredibly positive environment. Diana genuinely cares about people and the projects that she works on and would be a true asset for any positions requiring management systems development, implementation or training and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.”

Kevin Kerik, Methanex