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Mentoring Services

You want to make a positive contribution, eliminate chronic problems, and contribute to business excellence.

Our mentoring services are tailored to fit your needs.

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You want to add value to the organization.  However, being the ISO Champion or an internal auditor can be lonely.

Your role and the benefits of the management systems are often misunderstood.

Having access to someone who “gets it” provides personal support to help you build a career and gain respect as a trusted leader.

Our mentoring programs can be periodic check-ins or as intense bootcamps. The bootcamp approach is suitable for someone who suddenly became the ISO Champion and wants to get up to speed in this leadership position quickly.

Our mentoring can be 1:1 or in small Mastermind groups based on the interests and needs of our clients.

Start your journey by booking a complimentary call to discuss your situation and personal goals. Let's explore if we are a good match. If so, we will collaborate with you to draft a plan. Based on your needs, the plan may include:

  • Reinforcement or enhancement of key skills. This could be through discussions, completing specific assignments,  demonstrations through role play, other 
  • Feedback on specific work products. Imagine personal feedback on your audit program schedule, audit planning, checklists, writing style of nonconformities, and reporting. This candid feedback can provide breakthrough improvements that build your confidence and earn you respect as a trusted leader.

Our mentoring provides personalized support to help polish your skills.  Book your discovery call today!


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“Diana brings her knowledge and experience to all of her clients all wrapped up in her motivating and infectiously passionate style. She has amazing impact as both trainer and consultant, always focused on adding value, making an impact and mentoring new talent along the way. I guarantee that any experience with Diana will be a pleasant and engaging one where the customer's expectation will be exceeded.”

--Candice Armoogam

As a personal coach Diana has helped me look inward to express myself in a more professional and concise manner. She is very insightful and uses this talent to help you communicate your thoughts in a more precise and positive manner. Each conversation with her is uplifting and encouraging. It is hard for me to imagine a more dedicated and caring person.”

--Kurt Dailey