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ISO Training Services

We love transferring knowledge to your staff, building their competencies, and developing your organizational knowledge base. 

Teaching the basics and applying the skills to your organization's needs is powerful and motivating.

✓  ISO 9001

✓  ISO 14001

✓  ISO 45001

✓ ISO/IEC 17025

✓  Responsible Care®

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Training Courses
(In-Person or Virtual)

A variety of courses are available for each of the ISO standards we support:

  • Introduction/Overview
  • Implementation
  • Internal Auditor
  • Lead Auditor

For Exemplar Global certified courses, we present SAI Global materials as a partner.

For auditing courses, we offer an additional “audit lab” for students to apply the training by conducting a real audit for their organization.

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Design Custom Training

Focus on your specific learning objectives, the needs of your learners, and incorporate relevant examples.

When you want training content tailored or customized, we create the content based on your learning objectives, schedule and budget. You may want to cover more than one standard or replace a case study.

We can train your trainers to build internal knowledge too!

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(In-Person or Virtual)

Workshops target specific subjects and are highly interactive. Examples include:

  • Risk Assessment Bootcamp
  • Corrective Action
  • Auditor Refresher
  • Nonconformity Writing
  • Team Building

We incorporate Miro for simultaneous collaboration during the workshop on the infinite whiteboard.

Our workshops keep students awake and engaged!

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Online Courses

Our online courses are separated into self-paced video modules of 2-10 minutes.

The courses have checklists or workbooks to reinforce key concepts.

The modules can be accessed for at least 6 months.

For organizations or other groups, live discussion sessions can be added.


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What people are saying

“Diana is a highly professional person who works very hard to understand each individual situation and apply her expertise to that situation. I have actually hired Diana as a trainer and as an environmental management system expert. I look forward to when she and I can work together again.”

Angie Martin, Vice President at Heritage Environmental Services

“Diana brings her knowledge and experience to all of her clients all wrapped up in her motivating and infectiously passionate style. She has amazing impact as both trainer and consultant, always focused on adding value, making an impact and mentoring new talent along the way. I guarantee that any experience with Diana will be a pleasant and engaging one where the customer's expectation will be exceeded.”

Corinne Miller, Virtual Communication, Managing Virtual Workforce, Problem Solving Using Innovation

“...As a trainer, Diana is very organized and understands the topics extremely well. It became obvious very early in the course that she was a premier subject matter expert and had the ability to translate that to all in the class. She offered a step-by-step process that simplified a very complex topic and made the sessions fun too.

What made the most impression on me was how she cared for each of us in the class as a people each with different backgrounds and capabilities and she worked very hard to communicate to each of us in a way that was both meaningful and instructional.”

Kurt Dailey, Former Client