Reactivate Your
ISO Internal Auditor Skills:
Key Factors to Add Value

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We understand...

Just the word "audit" brings a negative shiver to many. This perception can affect the self-confidence of auditors and generate a poor reception by leadership of their audit reports.

When auditors are grounded in proper interpretations of the ISO requirements and are also attentive to key interpersonal communication styles, they can dramatically add value to the organization. Although we talk about an audit being helpful, many audits are not. It is time to make a change!

With COVID-19, many audit programs have been on hold, letting auditor skills get rusty. If you are ready to reactivate your in-person or remote auditing, then this is a great way to start to polish your audit skills.

Sign up for this 49-minute online course to help you jump start your internal audit program and incorporate value. Help your auditors become more confident and their reports more motivating to inspire leadership.

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In This Course




Shift from 'avoided auditor' to 'awesome auditor.'



Pay attention to their perspective and align your style.


Conflicting Interpretations

Gain insight in how to resolve these conflicts to align with your organization's commitments.


Audit Process

Learn about pitfalls in the stages throughout an audit.



Change the perception of audit findings and build confidence.

Who should take this course?

Auditors who want to enhance their personal skills and better understand their auditees.

Audit program managers who want to improve the effectiveness of their auditors, the audit reports, and leadership engagement.

Leadership who want more from their audit program.

Auditees who want to be more confident when interacting with auditors.

Limited on time?

As auditors, you feel the pressure of time management to cover an audit scope well. There is never enough time! This online course provides the key information you need to polish your auditing skills. We build on the basics you already know and provide insights on how to enhance the effectiveness of your audits. What can you control? What to anticipate?

Whether you are struggling to contribute to your organization in more meaningful ways, or just trying to avoid the negative perceptions of auditing, this is an hour you will love!

Join this course to finally learn what it takes to turn the perception of auditing into a positive and welcome experience.

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This course applies to...

  • Doing internal audits, supplier audits, and registrar audits
  • Auditing any management systems standard (e.g., ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, plus others)

Our free course will...

  • Remove your fear of remote auditing
  • Help you gain confidence to manage remote audits
  • Help you recognize key factors that separate worthless remote audits from worthwhile ones

Who needs this course...

  • Auditors
  • Audit program managers
  • Leadership
  • Auditees

What People Are Saying

“Diana, thank you for this quite interesting and helpful refresher training.”

Claudia Holzmenger, Quality Expert, QA, Audit & Supplier Management, Bayer

“Thanks for this mini workshop gift. A very useful refresher with some useful new tips.”

Tim Eaves, Quality & HSE Manager, Allen Diesels Ltd

“Great info, really well presented!”

Tate Burgess, Master of Business Administration, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

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A Note from the Instructor...

Diana Baldi

President of Innovation Training & Consulting, Inc.

It seems like I have been auditing and teaching auditing since the dawn of mankind. I LOVE auditing. Seeing the improvements made based on the audit reports becomes irresistible. Mentoring new auditors is truly rewarding, especially when seeing them become respected by illuminating important blind spots and bringing value to fix these elusive issues.

Of course, it was not always this way. There were many learnings along the way from auditing hundreds of companies and hearing stories from thousands of students in auditing classes. You can benefit from these learnings by attending this fast paced and informative online course.

You have already learned the basics, so take your skills to the next level. We are committed to polish the skills of every auditor so we can flip this perception of avoided auditors to awesome auditors!

Become a trusted leader and resource for leveraging your ISO management systems to achieve great results!

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