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Our ISO Training & Consulting Services

✓  ISO 9001

✓  ISO 14001

✓  ISO 45001

✓ ISO/IEC 17025

✓ Responsible Care®

Auditing Services

ISO Auditing Services

Our assessments evaluate the strengths, potential blind spots, and opportunities to streamline or further integrate your management systems for more business benefit.

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On-Site Training

ISO Training

Our lively, hands-on training can be customized for focused topics, one or more ISO standards, teambuilding and more.  We customize content and format to fit the specific needs of your learners. 

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Business Consulting

ISO Consulting

We help you implement ISO management systems, re-energize stale systems, and integrate your ISO systems into business systems to meet your organizational strategies.

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You get direct access with highly experienced and friendly staff. Our interactions build your confidence and leadership skills to enable you to lead improvement efforts.

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Build high performance teams. Generate creative ideas. Solve chronic problems. Take a fresh look at your ISO systems and make meaningful improvements.

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Why work with us?

We genuinely care about YOUR success. We are passionate about contributing to making the world a better place. We enjoy working with like-minded individuals who care and organizations that want improve their operations.

We will collaborate to focus on priority risks and raise awareness of problem blindness. Our joint efforts will illuminate the causes of problems through analysis and systems thinking and inspire leadership to take action.

When you implement thoughtful, risk-based internal audit programs, you become an essential guide that advances the organization toward excellence, each auditor thrives, and the ISO management system is duly respected.

More Info About Us

“Diana is a boots-on-the-ground teacher, trainer, partner, and mentor. External insight is valuable when there are actionable items. Diana is able to understand the environmental and sustainability ambitions of an organization, identify the gaps, and coach towards an ideal future state. This was the exact process flow...when the organization decided to pursue and establish a high functioning environmental management system (ISO 14001) and seek third party certification.”

— Iqbal Mian, US Gain

“It is rare that you come across a person like Diana that is so knowledgeable, dynamic, high energy, engaging, tenacious and can collaborate at the level that she does while always driving for a win-win outcome.”

— Kevin Kerik, Methanex