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My Difficult Boss...

“From my experience being the Quality Assurance person in a new corporate technical department, I know what it’s like to implement new management systems and try to motivate PhDs to follow simple processes. Once our Director was on board, all else flowed like a river! Getting him on board was the challenge. His preconceived ideas (a.k.a., myths) about ISO had to be debunked with real examples that mattered to him and the corporation.

Our projects ranged from quick and dirty screening tests to multi-million-dollar site remediations. It was essential to not overdo the screenings (waste of resources) or skimp on the final design work (painful and VERY expensive wrong decisions). No two projects were the same, so this tailoring fit us like a glove.

In auditing hundreds of companies and hearing stories from thousands of students in auditing classes, this challenge of motivating leadership to become engaged is everywhere! We must debunk these myths so you can become a trusted leader and resource for leveraging your ISO management systems to achieve great results! ” - Diana